About me

I am a telecommunications consultant living with my family in a coastal town near Barcelona. I was born in the Dominican Republic, surrounded by vibrant colors, picturesque characters and an island full of breathtaking landscapes. A paradise for any photographer I didn’t take advantage of. I arrived in Spain in 1992 and in 2007 I received an introductory DSLR as a business gift that activated my curiosity. Like many of us, I had very little time to practice, so I spent several years doing online courses. In December 2013 I bought my first camera and more frequent use ignited my passion for photography. I discovered that portrait and landscape were the two genres that I was passionate about it. 

As soon as my expectations grew, the difficulty of working in a studio with controlled lighting and the inability to travel to enjoy great landscapes almost made me quit.

Just before selling all my equipment, I participated in my first Photowalk. I had found a viable path: street photography. In the tour, portrait and urban landscape were mixed without limits. I no longer had excuses for not taking pictures: at work breaks, at street markets in the area, at popular parties and especially… walking my dog!

Street photography is an exciting but very demanding genre. To capture that “decisive moment” that conveys emotion, you have to be very awake to control the many variables of streets with continuously changing conditions. Getting a good exposure, an infocused subject, a clean background and a good framing is a very complicated task. If you add to this work with fixed focal points like me, you can start moving those legs if you want to make a good catch.

I hope that my portfolio shows my vision of our life in society outside the comfort of our homes and conveys emotions that moved my soul in many of these photographs.